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Partner us!

Partner us!

The arrival of smartphones opened a whole new range of possibilities for humanity. But also, a critical issue affects Smartphone users all over the world: the struggle against battery life!

With so many apps, widgets, and functions, Smartphones need more powerful batteries every day, and users seem to pay the price. If you are in this business, you probably are aware that battery issues are users’ first concern when it comes to their phones, even more than the screens.

Therefore, we understand that battery stock is an essential asset for your interests and what you’re looking to meet your demands at the best cost possible. Besides, convenient and timely services are also extensively required for any business in this rush society. We also understand that, and we want to bring you solutions.

Why is Mobile Battery Bank your best ally?

Mobile Battery Bank is your best ally because, like you, we know the retail market, and that’s why we’ve decided to open up for business. We believe in small and middle-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs like you. Also, we’ve partnered with renowned brands, which give both you and us the support of online and industry authority.

Such a partnership represents the certainty that you’ll always have enough stock and that you’ll have any new order you may need right on time. Our services include more than just batteries, as our customer, we’ll always award you with an optimal and friendly experience.

What we offer

As business partners, we offer a series of services that will make your life easier:

Let’s start with the batteries!

All the brands you’re looking for, even those that are not so common, you can find them in our catalog. Shop by brand or product and discover our 200+ options in batteries. You can select from a variety of products and distribute your order; our exclusive prices adjust to your needs!

Best deals

Yes! Your store’s budget is safe with our best deals for bulk orders. The best prices for the batteries you need! Take benefit from our offers and get better discounts in quantity, stock your store on a budget!

Payment methods

The best part is that we accept any payment method you own, from regular credit cards to most online methods (please refer to our payment section for further information), including PayPal! Guarantee your purchase from the beginning and forget about stressful transactions!

Customer-friendly process

Having your stock full every time, on time will never again be a concern. Our platform offers the most intuitive and user-friendly interface that will guide you through your order quickly and without annoying steps.

That interface, part of a full renewal we’ve recently submitted our website to, hosts a service network carefully designed for optimal performance. Compare products’ features on one single screen, manage your order, and track your stock all the way back to your store with nothing more than a couple of clicks!


As both retailers and wholesalers, we understand the delicate balance sustaining B2B commerce. Our commitment to our customers and partners is for total security and warranty on their products and orders.

In Mobile Battery Bank, we believe in a clean, transparent working relationship. Consequently, our goal is to deliver you exactly what we promised commodity, prices, shipment, service, and support.

Open for business in the heart of Europe

Whether you own a small store or a whole chain store, you’ll surely find an option among our distribution plans. If you’re in the heart of Europe searching for the perfect ally to grow your mobile battery business, look no further! The battery stocking choice is Mobile Battery Bank.