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Design changes

Why is Mobile Battery Bank changing its design?

With the beginning of the new decade, crucial developments in technology and communication can only be expected. Among those, the importance of design and innovation is getting more and more attention in every possible aspect.

It's our commitment to our customers and business to transition at the pace of the decade. That’s why we’ve taken time out to refresh and redesign our website, powering up your shopping experience!

Powered with mobile-friendly features, an explosive-yet-kind layout, and all the battery brands you need, Mobile Battery Bank will return soon fully re-charged. But while you wait for the full release, you can preview our first changes already available to the public!

What to expect from the new Mobile Battery Bank design ?

Our Company is aware of the importance your business and your smartphone has for you. In that sense, we know you care about what you offer to your public. But we also know that you don’t want to spend so much time in a never-ending set of steps to buying what you need.

As a solution, we decided that “user-friendly” and “mobile-friendly” should be our priorities.  New features such as inserted buttons to directly mark your favorite items, add them to your cart, etc. in a convenient size for your screen, are only part of our improvements.

Stock your battery business or find new batteries for your corporative Smartphone faster than ever thanks to our new intuitive interface. Even if you’re looking to renew your family’s battery set, it will only be one click away!

When are we coming back?

2020 is already here, so there’s no time to lose! Our developers and graphic designers are working hard to bring you the best looks AND a proper performance. Because yes, we believe in design, but always supported by quality service and performance!
Sooner than you expect, your stock will be full of energy with the new Mobile Battery Bank!

What to expect from the new Mobile Battery Bank design ?